Smash Into Pieces

”One of Scandinavias most intriguing, mystical and explosive live acts”

Smash Into Pieces

Smash Into Pieces



Isak Snow (Project Manager)
Gain/Sony Music Entertainment
Tel: +46 (0)70 29 48 258


2018-04-27 | Falun Bowling & Krog – Falun

2018-04-28 | Västerås Rockfest – Västerås

2018-04-30 | Simson – Västervik

2018-05-04 | Harry B James – Stockholm

2018-05-05 | Ritz Nightclub – Örebro

2018-07-07 | Sundspärlan – Helsingborg


Multiple award-winning, 20 million streaming (Spotify) and gold awarded Swedish electro/rock-export SMASH INTO PIECES recently released their third album “RISE AND SHINE” (Jan 27th, 2017 worldwide). With the album passing 10 million streams on Spotify just 8 months after the release, several top-list placings on the European album-charts and with more than 80 executed live shows in 17 different countries (USA, CAN, GER, UK, FRA to name a few) since January 2017 the band has set the bar up high for the rest of the year to come.

”One of Scandinavias most intriguing, mystical and explosive live acts”

​As one of Scandinavias most intriguing, mystical and explosive live acts – SMASH INTO PIECES (a.k.a SIP / Smash) with it´s founder and leader ”The Apocalypse DJ” has caught the attention of the crowd live as well as on social medias. Executing Skydives in live-television, showing of The Apocalypse Djs Parkour moves / Dance-skills or Fighting capability seems likely to be a normal day at the SIP office.

​The bands catchy and melodic house-melodies blends in with the Swedish raw-rock sound and creates perfect mix between old and the new. The time has come for SMASH INTO PIECES to RISE AND SHINE!”

​This is what the bands creator and drummer ”The Apocalypse Dj” has to say about the new album, the band and their goals:

Like the rest of you, I was born on disaster highway. A place where you travel for a lifetime, without going nowhere. Like a big, never-ending freeway for your predestined life that doesn’t seem to have any exits.

​While people around me accepted to live sadly ever after, like ants building a pile of dirt for their queen, that wasn’t enough for me. I always felt different. I always felt like I was meant for something else. I needed to rock my microphone.

​I lost track of time, lost track of what was real and what was fiction. And sometimes I think I almost lost my mind, but in the end I came out on top. A brand new me was born. A recreation of my being. A remix that had developed a set of super-skills. With this power, I knew my dreams could become true. I just needed to find a group of like-minded individuals.

​I searched for many years for the most devoted, the most talented and the most well hung musicians out there. I wasn’t sure how they would react to me and my powers, so I made them come together, directing them from the shadows. As the band grew, I grew with them.

​With “Unbreakable” I was just a spirit in the booklet, With “The Apocalypse DJ”, my name and photo made it to the cover. With “Rise and Shine”, I’m taking my place as a superhero, DJ and drummer of the band. We are ready to let the world know what lies beyond disaster highway, and all of you are welcome to follow!

​Anything standing between us and our dreams, we SMASH INTO PIECES!

/ The Apocalypse DJ

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