Reaching Fall


Reaching Fall


Will be announced later 2017

coming soon

Like a steamroller they float like evil butterflies

AMARANTHE original member – growler Andy Solveström forms new band with best mates, guitarist Martin Haglund (ex-Astral Doors) and vocalist Niclas Bergstrand.

REACHING FALL is in the process of starting the recordings of their debut album and is currently looking at what’s on the record company horizon.

THE PLAN IS to record most of the songs in their own studio in Sweden and then mix/master at Jacob Hansen’s studio in Denmark. Amaranthe drummer Morten Löwe Sörensen will handle the drums for the album. Also appearing on the album is guitar legend Andy La Roque (King Diamond).

Andy says: To create music with these gents give so much inspiration and is so fun now – just so much fun … yeah, so much fun.