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A  Rock Opera About a Legend

It is with enthusiasm, pride and an immense pleasure that we at the European concerts can present that we setting up the rock opera ”Merlin – The Legend” in spring 2018 and will be touring to begin with in Scandinavia. The music is mainly taken from the great composer and arranger – Dutchman Ton Scherpenzeel. His music has always influenced me strongly says producer and the man behind the production, Thomas Engström.

”The great composer and arranger – Dutchman Ton Scherpenzeel”

Merlin – the Roman name for Falcon – was the bastard son of the Great King Ambrosius. As a child he had great need for secrecy and solitude. Then he discovered that he had a special gift, the Sight. The old hermit Galapas, who lived in a cave, taught him the magic art.

The spectacular concert are based on the legends of Merlin, who accoring to the legend, lived in Britain in the fifth century. Merlin was the chief architect of the First United Britain.
Merlin is a legendary figure who plays a significant role in the ancient British tales of King Arthur and his knights. Merlin was the bard, seer and magician, and must have lived in the 500’s.

Addition of musicians takes place in the spring of 2017.